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"Our mission is to provide a complete line of ingenious, high quality medical waste products that enhance our clients' abilities to deliver superior products and services to their customers for years to come."



    PCM Medical Waste and Recycling is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCM.  Following the establishment of S.L. Plota Co in 1974, PCM was created in 1994 and is a capable large metal fabrication, welding, and tool and die company.  PCM is also linked to a small business that is a disabled veteran owned company. 

    You need only look over our customer base to realize that we can get the job done and continue to invent ways to meet our clients' requests.  We offer outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic bottles and have created gates and barriers for the TSA and the US Border Patrol.  If you have an odd challenge, we can come up with the solution.  Some of our medical waste clients include: Curtis Bay Energy, Solutions, Inc., and Waste Management.  Our products are currently in use at facilities including: HCA's, HMA's, Kindred Hospitals and Mayo Clinic. We listen intently to the challenges our clients face and come up with creative, viable, long term, cost contained solutions to meet the ever-changing environment of the health care waste market.

    We specialize in hands-free, medical waste tippers and washers that sanitize re usable medical waste containers.  We also create medical waste container lids and dollies, wall mounted brackets, transportation carts and cart covers, and step on dollies that hold containers.  We utilize plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum products as well as custom fabrication and use recycled materials whenever possible.  We can sign non-disclosure agreements regarding any proprietary information and products that you would like for us to duplicate or custom create for you. 

    PCM Medical Waste and Recycling

    Turning ideas into long lasting products. (sm)

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More About Our Company

PCM Precision Government Sales Company is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and operated small business. PCM is located in Pinellas Park, Florida. Pinellas Park is located in Pinellas County, which is a designated HUB zone.


PCM assists companies by enhancing products used in established processes, as well as helping to improve the quality and efficiency of currently used products. We are meticulously focused on the quality of our products, and we keep open lines of communication with clients to ensure that all of their needs are met.

The entire process, from design to delivery, is done in one location increasing communication between employees allowing PCM to work more efficiently, increase quality control, and keep production costs low.

PCM Precision can provide, but is not limited to, the following services:

CAD design work, reverse engineering, precision machining, prototyping, production machining, production assembly machine fabrication, medical waste processing equipment fabrication, marine industry product fabrication, environmental product fabrication, repair parts replication and fabrication, all metal fabrication and PCM patented products fabrication


All restaurants' ventilation, kitchen range hoods, special order stainless steel kitchen furniture and equipment, stainless steel grease interceptors, and other stainless steel products are manufactured in our shop.


Accept Government purchase card.

Dunn and Bradstreet number: 829172225

Central contracting register (CCR) participant: CAGE5APP0

SBA certified Disabled Veteran Owned contractor

Veterans Administration Disable Veteran certified business




PCM & S.L. Plota Co. current capabilities


The core business, prior to acquisition, was the manufacturing of production machines

for other companies’ products. These machines served small to medium sized

businesses. These PCM exclusive machines fabricated products in the automotive, environmental, food processing, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. The

company now utilizes this expertise to manufacture products for ourselves and

for others.


Significant work accomplished


Manufacturing of over 125 metal electrical components for Thomas and Betts, a fortune

500 company. POC for Thomas and Betts is Mr. Rick Hall, (386) 677-9110. This

contract is in year two of a five year contract. Production includes over 125 different

metal electrical connector components. These components are milled, bored, tapped,

cut to length, washed, stamped and assembled. All work is performed on computer controlled, mass production machinery. The machinery is a combination of off the

shelf and in house manufactured and assembled equipment.


Manufacturing of medical waste (sharps) containers and computerized sterilizing waste management equipment for several fortune 500 corporations. PCM has designed, prototyped and presently manufactures medical waste equipment for several

waste streams. This equipment consists of waste containers, carts, transport racks,

as well as computerized waste tipping, disposal and disinfecting machines. PCM

medical waste equipment is in hospitals across the country.


The fabrication of restaurant ventilation and custom kitchen equipment. PCM supplies

both custom and standard hoods and fans. PCM’s website has details on web based ordering procedures. Custom equipment is manufactured for the specific location.

Each location is provided a detailed specification and drawing to satisfy the local

building codes. Each restaurant is inspected by the local authorities after the

installation to ensure conformity with applicable laws and ordinances. Business

has been in existence for over 35 years and considered by many as the best in the

Tampa area. The company serves a four county area. Delivery schedules are met

at a greater than 98% average. References can be obtained upon request. PCM

has sub-contracted to Clark Construction for government contracts at MacDill Air

Force Base.


Manufacture to specification a variety of products for the US Government. These

products include scientific wind tunnels for the US Military Academy, dog kennels

for the US Border Patrol and gates and barriers for the Transport Safety

Administration. PCM has successfully completed each government contract without problems or delays.


Employee Expertise


Over 35 years of experience in Department of Defense

Over 30 years of sheet metal fabrication and equipment installation

60 years of precision and general machine shop experience

25 years of computer assisted design

60 years of TIG, MIG and general welding experience




Applicable Federal Product/Manufacturing Codes




Federal Supply Class (Bold, CCR registered)

Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing


4250, 4710, 5445, 545

Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing


4140, 4150, 4250, 4460, 4540, 5450, 6515,

7125, 7195, 7240, 7290, 7320

Metal Can, Box, and Other Container Manufacturing


3685, 4250, 4540, 6615,6530, 7240, 8145

Hardware Manufacturing


2040, 2090, 2590, 4710

Machine Shop


3220, 3230, 3405, 3408, 3410, 3411, 3412,

3413, 3414, 3415, 3416, 3417, 3418, 3419

3426, 3431, 3432, 3436, 3438, 3439, 3441,

3442, 3443, 3444, 3445, 3447, 3448, 3449,

3450, 3455, 3456, 3460, 3461, 3465, 4940,

5120, 5130, 5133, 5136, 5140, 5180, 5210

Precision Tuned Product Manufacturing


2040, 2090, 2520, 2530, 2590, 3020, 3040,

4710, 5210, 5220, 6625, 6635, 6665, 6695,


Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing


2040, 2090, 2330, 2510, 2520, 2530, 2590,

3020, 3040, 4030, 4250, 4540, 4710, 6515,

6530, 7125, 7195, 8145

All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing


3220, 3611, 3620, 3650, 3693, 3695, 3910,

3915, 3920, 3990, 5998, 6625, 6635, 6665,

6695, 9330, 9390

Power, Distribution and Specialty Transformer


5935, 5940, 5970, 5975, 5998, 6110



Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes



Public building and related furniture (except motor vehicle seats and blackboards)


Sheet metal work (except sheet metal bins and vats, skylights, and sheet metal cooling towers)


Hardware, NEC (except fire hose nozzles, hose couplings, vacuum and insulated bottles, jugs and chests, fireplace

fixtures, time locks, turnbuckles, pulleys, tackle blocks, luggage and utility racks, sleep sofa mechanisms and

chair glides, traps, handcuffs and leg irons, ladder jacks and other like metal products)


Fabricated metal products, NEC (other metal products)


Special industry machinery, NEC (except rubber and plastics manufacturing machinery, semiconductor

manufacturing machinery and automotive maintenance equipment)


Industrial and commercial fans and blowers and air purification equipment (air purification equipment)


Motor vehicle parts and accessories (trailers, motor vehicle steering and suspension components and motor

vehicle transmission and power train parts)




PCM & S. L. PLOTA Capabilities, FSC word description – Federal Supply Classes (FSC)



Marine hardware


Miscellaneous vehicular components


Industrial assembly machines


Waste disposal equipment


Hospital furniture, equipment, utensils and supplies


Kitchen equipment and appliances


PCM Medical Waste Recycling

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reusable medical waste containers, hands free medical container tippers and washers, baskets, lids, wall mount brackets and cabinets, vent lab hoods, Rx sorting tables, medical instrument reprocessing tables, step on dollies, Nexel medical waste transport carts and custom cart covers and more.

Stainless steel, aluminum and plastic products, as well as custom fabrication, tool & die PCM is a products vendor for independents as well as the largest medical waste companies in the world.